The Man, His Eminence Christian Cardinal Tumi

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Christian Cardinal Tumi was born on 15th October 1930 in Kikaikelaki a village in Kumbo, North West Region of Cameroon.He was a retired Cardinal and the Archbishop Emeritus of Douala

In his early days, the Man of God studied at local seminaries in Cameroon and Nigeria. He also trained as a teacher in Nigeria and later London.

Christian Cardinal Tumi travelled to Lyon in France and earned a Licentiate in Theology. From France the prelate moved to the University of Fribourg, Switzerland where acquired a doctorate in philosophy.

Back in Cameroon, he was ordained a priest on 17th April 1966. He served as a vicar in Soppo for a year before becoming a professor at Bishop Rogan College’s seminary.

From 1979-1928, the late Catholic prelate served as the Bishop of Yagoua

Christian Cardinal Tumi was Co-adjutor ArchBishop of Garoua from 1982-1984.

In 1984 he served as the ArchBishop of Garoua till 1991.

The late Man of God was  the President of the Cameroon Episcopal Conference from 1985-1991.

Cardinal Tumi was also Cardinal-Priest Santi Martiri dell’Uganda a Poggio Ameno

From 1969 to 1973 the Reverend Father went back for studies abroad, and upon his arrival he was named Rector of the Bambui Seminary.

He was succeeded as Archbishop of Douala by Samuel Kleda, who had been Coadjutor Archbishop.

He died on Good Friday breaking Easter Saturday, April 3, 2021 at the age of 91.

Memories of the National Dialogue: A venerated Roman Catholic Church leader who chaired Commission No. 4

One of the most venerated Roman Catholic Church leaders, Christian Wiyghan Tumi was chair of the Commission to reflect on “Assistance to Returning Refugees and Displaced Persons”.

The Man of God was surrounded by former Presidential candidate, Cabral Libii and Elvis Ngolle Ngolle. In the same Commission were the Minister of Territorial Administration, Paul Atanga Nji and three government Ministers of Health, Social Affairs and Labour as Resource persons.

The discussions progress at the Yaoundé Conference Centre, His Eminence expressed a high sense of prudence.

“There is someone who said in my commission that for this country to go on, there should be a coup d’etat” the Cardinal giggles and adds “Nobody was expecting that”.

“People should speak the truth before leaving this world”. The man of God who has been very keen on the need for honesty stated.

During the Major National Dialogue, the late Cardinal Tumi led commission reflected on;

#Projects to rebuild burnt down structures and villages

#Means of sustaining the returnees who are IDPs and refugees
#The psycho-social treatment of victims

To the Cardinal, some of the young men who have laid down their arms need psychological assistance.

“Those who have been handicapped for life should be helped for life” Christian Cardinal Tumi said.
In general, His Eminence portrayed openness during the debates.
“Every idea should be put on the table, that’s why we are here” the Cardinal insisted

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