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When Marquese Chriss was a freshman at Pleasant Grove High School, he admits now that he didn’t do himself many favors as far as shedding his reputation as a lazy student.

“Being a kid, you don’t really value the importance of school,” Chriss said. “I was just sleeping and not doing so great. But there were a lot of teachers that helped me. There were also some teachers that kind of (criticized) me.”

Now the Warriors starting center, Chriss used the off time since the NBA season was canceled in March to write some of those memories down and record the song “I Remember” with his friend and Sacramento-based rapper 2kkhari.

The promotional single for his first album Tip-Off, “I Remember,” (“As a little kid I used to want all that designer / and now I walk inside the store and I buy anything I wanted”) was recorded in a studio in Sacramento’s Del Paso Heights neighborhood.

Tip-Off, released Oct. 2, clocks in at just more than 29 minutes. Each of the seven songs features 2kkhari laying the groundwork with his rapping and Chriss (who goes by the stage name “Quese”) soaring over with enhanced vocals. The album is available on iTunes and Spotify.

Chriss recently spoke with the Bay Area News Group in a phone interview about the process of recording his first album, writing lyrics and why he decided now was the time to make music.

Have you been wanting to record a song for a while or was this just something to do during the quarantine?

It was just something that I started doing a while ago, probably like my freshman year in college. It was me and two of my teammates just talking and we were talking about starting a singing group just for fun, and we never really did. It just fell through. And then when the quarantine thing started, me and one of my teammates — the same teammate I had been having conversations with about it — we were just like ‘Why not? We already have time.’ He was out here in San Francisco, we’re just hanging out and then we’re at the house and he’s like ‘You want to just start trying to do this?’ and I’m like ‘alright.’ So then we just started making songs at the house and they were OK, but it was more so just fun. I don’t think our first few songs were that great compared to the ones that we have now. It was just something to pass the time (because) we weren’t really doing much. We were just stuck in the house. I started getting more into it.

Then my friend 2kkhari that I’ve known since I was probably in fifth grade — he actually raps. This is what he does for a career and is making a living off of it — we talked to each other like ‘You want to make a song?’ That song (“I Remember”), the way that that happened is funny. We went (to Sacramento) and we were recording a bunch of other songs and we had that beat, but neither of us had written for it. I had the verse and the hook, but I had it written for a different beat. So I was like ‘alright, I might as well just go in there’ and then I just went in there and said it and I had put a bunch of different parts from other verses that I had already written but didn’t put on a song and it just came out. It turned out well.

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