Meet Reine Dominique Ntone, Cameroonian Lady at NASA

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In June 2020, videos went viral of the first Cameroonian to help launch a NASA satellite into space, Reine Dominique Ntone.


A young Cameroonian woman is in the spot light on international News.

Reine Dominique…

uo Cameroon Association of Women in Media ʎq pəʇsod ʎɐpuoɯ, əunՐ 22, 2020

Who is Reine Dominique Ntone?

Born as Reine Dominique Ntone Sike, she is an Aerospace Systems Engineer employed by Millennium Engineering and Integration.

She is currently a contractor at NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) Ames Research Center, where she supports the Technology Education Satellite team in the development, testing and implementing of an exo-atmospheric passive deorbiting system called Exobrake in three CubeSats (TES7,8,10).

Academic History

Reine Ntone was born in Cameroon, where she completed her primary education and became passionate about science.

She studied at Lycée Français Dominique Savio in Douala, Cameroon and later Lycée Frederick Ozanam in France.

In 2014, she earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering Sciences from a Catholic University in Lille, France.

Reine also studied at the University of Paris-Saclay graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in System Engineering in

Reine Ntone is holder of a Master’s Degree in Aerospace Engineering from San Jose State University in Carlifonia, USA.

Professional Life

She started her professional
career in August 2018 as a part-time Engineer while finishing her Master’s Degree project on Ablative Thermal
Protection Systems, with an emphasis on Thermo-chemical ablation.

Social Life

Too much work without play makes Jack a dull boy, so goes an adage. Accordingly, Reine is not all about space and science…She has a passion for tennis!

The lady has been breaking records on the tennis court, winning several
single titles.

Reine Dominique Ntone, a Force to Reckon with

Reine Ntone has lived and worked in many countries and is grateful to her mentors and the women who came before her in Aerospace Engineering.

She dreams big and is inspired to make a difference in her field, where she can give back to girls and young women pursuing engineering or their life dreams.

Discover Reine’s Driving Force

“I want to have a positive impact in people’s life. In order to do so, I am committed to not only make a living but making a difference in STEM. I was born and raised in Africa where most kids do not get a chance to graduate because of
lack of financial and/or mental support from the family and mentors. For that reason and because I want to be part of
the solution, I learn every day from experienced folks and mentors to be able to give back to the next generation,” Reine Ntone states.

Future Plans

“My main plan is to continue to help and learn while working on diverse space projects. Simultaneously, I would love to get involved in a mentorship program, share my story with young kids in Cameroon and play a role in education in
Cameroon and Africa in general,” the woman in STEM indicates.

To Reine Ntone, all women who think that they can achieve anything they put their minds, energy and time into are her role models.

“Every single woman has her own definition of success but whoever dreams big, follows up with actions and supports other women, is my
role model,” she states.

She then goes on to quote Mary W. Jackson, Dorothy Vaughan, Katherine Johnson and Janelle Monae who played major roles in space exploration as black female Mathematicians at NASA.

Difficulties Encountered

It has not been an all-rosy road for Reine but she has been able to overcome the challenges including an accident in 2008 which rendered her quadriplegic for a couple of months.

“The major challenge I have had to face was handling my negative thoughts. In other words, master my emotions. I came to the conclusion that the events that occur in our lives are less important than how we react to those events. With
emotional mastery, I was able to change my mindset and always see the positive outcome in any situation regardless
of my own expectation. For instance, I started to replace the word failure with redirection since I would often get
discouraged when the situation doesn’t unfold as expected. Confidence is key on the path to success,” she insists.

Reine encourages the youth especially girls to believe in themselves and cherish their dreams regardless of their present situation.

“I started dreaming about NASA when I was nine years old, when all the odds were against me. However, every single good grade was a small step towards my goal. You will fall multiple times but make sure you always get back on your feet. Remember, if it was easy, everyone would do it. Lastly, be brave and confident that your hard work and resilience will finally pay off,” she advices.

Family Life

Reine Dominique Ntone is married to Mr Johansen and lives in Sunnyvale, California.

She is the Daughter of the former Government Delegate to the Douala City Council, Fritz Ntone Ntone and has two siblings.

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