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NEW DELHI: The CSIR’s Lucknow-based institute, National Botanical Research Institute (NBRI), has developed a herbal decongestant spray which can be used on face mask to protect users from suffocation.
Since wearing mask for a long time may cause difficulties in breathing, the herbal formulation will help in clearing wind pipe and congestion by removing mucus or cough leading to ease of breathing.
The NBRI will soon transfer the technology of this inhaler for commercial production so that it can be produced on a large scale and sent to the frontline worriers fighting against Covid-19 pandemic.
“Herbal decongestant spray is a fine blend of four plant-based oils, but the names of these plants cannot be disclosed right now because of issues related to intellectual property. This product is developed based on the principles of Ayurveda and contains ingredients reported in traditional scriptures”, said Sharad Srivastava, Senior Principal Scientist, CSIR-NBRI.
Explaining reason behind difficulties in breathing if face mask is used for longer hours, Srivastava, said, “The main reasons behind this problem include accumulation of carbon dioxide and humidity in inner cavity of the mask. When a person breathes in, this goes back to the lungs again. Repetition of this process over a period of time causes discomfort in breathing and congestion.”
The science ministry, while sharing basic details of the product, claimed that the initial results of this NBRI’s herbal spray have been extremely impressive.
“People wearing masks for a long time are getting a lot of relief from this,” claimed the ministry on Saturday.

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