Prince Charles issues ‘survival’ environment warning as globe battles coronavirus

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He urged Britons to share their ideas to create a more sustainable future as he released a special message to mark the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. The Prince of Wales said the coronavirus pandemic has hammered home the reality of the “true nature of a global emergency” for people across the world. 

He called on people to use the hashtag #ReimagineReset to push their suggestions online, and said he is “confident” that society can use the coronavirus crisis “to reset our course by putting people and planet first”.

In a statement, the 71-year-old who has recovered from coronavirus, said: “As we reflect on the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, I have long believed that people often will not act until there is a crisis. 

“The challenge I have found with climate change and biodiversity loss is that the danger often feels all too distant. 

prince charles

Prince Charles released a poignant message to mark Earth Day (Image: GETTY)

prince charles

The Queen’s son has been a passionate campaigner for efforts to improve the environment for many years (Image: GETTY)

“The coronavirus, by contrast, has shown us the true nature of a global emergency along with the drastic measures we must take and the urgency with which we must act. 

“It has also shown us that it is indeed possible to find and scale up global solutions when we agree on a higher, common purpose. 

“Despite the challenges, we are also seeing the very best of the human spirit, ingenuity and collaboration as we reflect on what we value most.”


Prince Charles helps to plant a tree during a royal engagement (Image: GETTY)

He went on to touch on the topic of pollution, which has been drastically reduced in cities due to strict lockdowns.

New analysis shows major cities usually blanketed in smog have experienced a 60 percent reduction in air pollution since lockdowns began.

The air in Mumbai, Wuhan, Seoul and New Delhi has become noticeably cleaner.

prince charles

Prince Charles released a poignant message to mark Earth Day (Image: GETTY)


Charles, pictured with Camilla, has urged people to share their vision for a more sustainable future (Image: GETTY)

“Equally, the slowdown of human and industrial activity has shown just how quickly the Earth can heal itself when we let it,” said Charles.

“We need only look to the improved air quality in some of the world’s major cities and the return of wildlife to our communities and waterways. 

“Air, water, soil and landscapes are vital to human health and well-being. 

“Biodiversity, the incredible interconnectedness of plant, animal and insect life, which we are rapidly destroying, holds insights and solutions that we have yet to discover; it’s protection and genuinely sustainable management is vital to our survival as a human species.”

royals on social media

Members of the Royal Family on social media (Image: EXPRESS)

He said when citizens work to take care of the planet they are also working to look after themselves.

Charles, who is staying at his Birkhall mansion in Scotland, said the COVID-19 epidemic demonstrates how the planet is suffering like an infected patient.

He said people’s activities have played a huge part in causing damage to the planet’s “immune system” which is now in desperate need of repair.

He added: “The parallels between the human and the planetary condition in the coronavirus are quite clear. 

prince charles

Prince Charles urged the world to wake up to the threat of pollution and loss of habitat (Image: GETTY)


“If we look at the planet as if it were a patient, we can see that our activities have been damaging her immune system and she has been struggling to breathe and thrive due to the strain we have put on her vital organs. 

“To treat her we need to restore balance and put Nature back at the centre of the circle. 

To achieve this we must: act for health and well-being; understand Nature’s patterns and cycles; recognize the value of diversity, unity and the interdependence of all living things; consider the importance of innovation and adaptation; and invest in Nature-based solutions to help stimulate a more circular bioeconomy that gives back to Nature as much as we take from her.”

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