Nearly 100 confirmed cases, 3rd death recorded

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Confirmed cases in Cameroon are inching close to 100. The country currently counts 99 cases alongside the third COVID-19 related death.

According to Public Health authorities, 9 new cases were confirmed on March 27, 2020 .

All nine confirmed cases come from two regions of the country;
-Yaounde, Centre Region.
-Ngoumou, Centre Region
-Baleng, West Region

During the daily press briefing on the #COVID-19, the third death was reported.

The victim is an 80-year-old man who passed away in Douala.

According to authorities, the Public Health Rapid Intervention Battallion- BIR , has already begun tracing contacts of the confirmed cases.

The team is working hard to limit the spread of the virus that has killed thousands of people across the globe.

From April 2-7, the team will begin an aggressive search for suspected cases in Cameroon’s economic capital,  Douala.

What Becomes Of Confined Suspected Cases ?

Hundreds of persons who flew into Cameroon just before the government imposed safety restrictions on March 17, have been confined in hotels for some weeks now.

Public health authorities prescribed a confinement of 14 days for all persons who came into the country from other countries.

Most of them were coming from countries severely affected by the #COVID-19.

Shortly after their confinement, Central Africa’s reference laboratory, the Cameroon Centre Pasteur , began screening these suspected COVID-19 cases.

A special screening centre wa created at the Yaounde Multipurpose Sports Complex to speed up the screening process.

Persons who tested positive were admitted to hospital for treatment, while negative cases were held  back, pending confirmation.

In the course of  today’s press briefing , Public Health authorities said a control test for these persons is underway.

The suspected cases who will test negative will be released to reunite with their famillies, while confirmed cases will be moved to #COVID-19 treatment centres.

Public health authorities once again call on all persons who came in from other countries to comply with the mandatory screening exercise.

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