#237vote: Post Legislative election petitions: 35 litigations at Constitutional Council

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Three day after the February 9 twin legislature and municipal elections a total of 35 petitions have been filed at the Constitutional Council for the partial or complete cancellation of the legislative elections.

Hours after the three day deadline set by the electoral code for political parties in the parliamentary election to petition the Council, several parties had advanced various reasons for the annulment of the elections. The petition are filed in line with the provisions of article 132 of the Electoral Code

Some of the common issues raised in most of the petitions in the non respect of laid down rules as spelt out in the electoral code and election malpractice.

CPDM petitions

The CPDM party that ran in almost all municipalities in the February 9 legislative elections petitioned the council for the partial cancellation of results in Ngaoundere 1, 2, 3 and Nyambaka.

The Cameroonian People’s Democratic Movement highlighted three main irregularities:

Non-compliance by the NUDP with the closing time for the electoral campaign,

The party continued its campaign until 2:30 am, in violation of the midnight closure of campaigns.

They also pinpointed corruption and fraud orchestrated by the National Alliance for Democracy and Progress. The CPDM accuses the UNDP of purchasing voters consciousness. They based their arguments on a ballot which they considered to be full of irregularities, and other acts of intimidation.


The National Alliance for Democracy and Progress is calling for the cancellation of legislative elections in the Donga-Mantung West constituency. In its petition, the party alleges that its ballot papers were missing at the various polling stations without any notification of a prior judicial decision.


The Bloc for the Reconstruction and Economic Independence of Cameroon calls for the complete cancellation of the legislative elections in the Mezam-North special constituency. They based their argument on the law of April 21, 2004 on the organization and functioning of the Constitutional Council.

They hold that on the night of February 8 to 9, all the voting equipment from Bafut to Bamenda in the North-West region were burnt down. They added that the resurgence of violence paralyzed the process as the population did not dare to leave their homes to go and vote”.

Universe party

The party highlighted irregular nature of the legislative elections in the Vina. They alleged that 863 student soldiers were enrolled at the last hour and this considerably distorted the electoral game. In addition, the party deplores the fact that its representatives were expelled from the polling stations on polling day. They accuse ELECAM officials of facilitating fraud


SDF request

The Social Democratic Front requests the total cancellation of the legislative elections in Mezam Sud. The party notes that the relocation of polling stations by Elecam officials without notifying voters disfavoured them. They also alleged that the regrouping in Santa and Mezam South of 100 polling stations in violates of article 96 of the Electoral Code.

The lead opposition party alone filed a dozen appeals seeking partial and total cancellation of the polls.

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