The Chinese Ambassador sets the record straight

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The Chinese Ambassador to Cameroon, Wang Yingwu has briefed media persons on the most recent developments on the Coronavirus that is fast killing people in China and 23 other countries.

He also responded to specific questions on the situation during a press conference on February 3, 2020, organized by the Chinese Embassy in Yaounde.

Media persons and health stakeholders

Ambassador Wang Yingwu touch on four key issues;
# 1. The Actual situation of the epidemic

# 2. Prevention and Control measures adopted by the Chinese government

# 3. International cooperation to fight against the epidemic

# 4. The situation of foreigners resident in China

Coronavirus : Swelling Figures

As Chinese authorities step up the fight against the epidemic, figures according to the Chinese government continue to gone up. The figures as of February 3, 2020, are ;
# 17,238 confirmed cases
# 361 deaths
# 485 patients cured
# 21,238 suspected cases recorded.
# 02 hospitals constructed

Hubei, Zhenjiang, Guangdong, Henan and Hunan have been identified as provinces with the highest number of infected people. In other countries suspected persons represent only 1% of the total number figure.

Wuhan as of now, has 24 hospitals and 10,000 beds, and 02 new hospitals constructed with 2600 beds . The Huoshenshan hospital was completed on February 2, after nine days of work, and the Leishenshan hospital will be completed on February 5, 2020.

Coronavirus: Chinese authorities lead the fight

According to the ambassador, President Xi Jinping is spearheading a series of actions geared towards arresting the spread of the virus.

Meanwhile the Chinese PM, Li Keqiang has paid visits to the epicenter of the epidemic- Wuhan , to evaluate the recent control measures implemented to bring the situation under control.

Governors of affected provinces are working in synergy with health personnel and other authorities to secure areas free of the epidemic.

Millions of health personnel including, those from the army have been deployed to Hubei. The personnel have been mobilized to ensure systematic diagnosis and rapid response to persons in distress.

Chinese researchers have also intensified research, with ceaseless efforts to develop new vaccines and medicines .

On January 23, all entry and exit points into Wuhan were closed. Train stations, roads and bus terminals, ferries and airports have also been temporarily shut down to contain the virus and minimize its spread. Wenzhou and Huanggang have taken similar measures.

A total of 6000 taxis stationed at strategic sites are facilitating transportation of some basic necessities especially in affected provinces .The constant supply of electricity, fuel, water to quarantined areas has also been guaranteed.

Foreigners in China

As the epidemic lingers on, President Xi Jinping has called for a stronger international cooperation to wipe out what he describes as a devil.

“An epidemic is a devil. We cannot let it hide”. President Xi Jinping

The Chinese government is determined to protect the lives and health of foreign nationals. Reinforcing collaboration with diplomatic corps has been given due diligence.

The Chinese government has also published a multilingual guide for the prevention and control of the virus. Foreigners can also call the toll free number all day to report emergencies and make inquiries.


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