Bright Colours


Welcome to the season of colour confidence. Summer is a season of freedom and exploration. It’s time to show your true colours, and going colourful is a perfect way to express that. South African fashion designer, James Moroeng, says the girlier, the better this season. “Bump up the romance and don’t be afraid of bright colours. Summer allows you to play with colour.” But, he warns that sometimes colourful outfits are tricky to style. Moroeng says it’s easy to rock this trend if you stick to solids and make sure to colour block.

Designer, Loubna Ayouche Combalat, also added that mix-and-match colors and color-blocking will definitely give you that glow. Combalat says we must not play it safe with bold colours. “From powerful pinks, frog greens, red, sunshine yellows and zesty oranges. The only styling rule when it comes to colour for 2017 is wear lots of it. Orange and bright blue? Sure! Pink and purple? Go for it! Sky blue and scarlet, you will definitely turn heads with these colours.” Pink and red are colours we are traditionally told to keep separate. However, fashion designers at SA Fashion Week chose not to play it safe with this trend.